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Selecting the Right Package for Your Needs


All-Inclusive Virtual Package

Perfect for clients who:
-want the accountability and assurance that comes from working directly with an organizer
- are overwhelmed by where to even start
- benefit from real-time feedback throughout the organizing process

Phone and Email Virtual Package

Perfect for clients who:
- want the expert advice and specific input from an organizer but not always in real time
- need the flexibility of tackling a project when it fits into their schedule
- are good at getting things done when provided with clear guidelines and perimeters

Do-It-Yourself Virtual Packages

Perfect for clients who:
- just need a little extra encouragement to get started
- are good at getting things done with minimal guidance
- might be on a tighter budget

Virtual Presentations

Perfect for clients who:
- have a specific topic they would like advice and insight on
- have a group who could benefit from an orgnization-related presentation
-learn well in a group setting and who enjoy the social aspect of a virtual call
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