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  • Why should I hire a professional organizer?
    Think of it as having an organizing expert in your tool belt while tackling a project, big or small. ​ Your organizer will offer expert opinions, advice, and solutions. More importantly, your organizer will be your personal coach, steadfast guide, neutral sounding-board, trustworthy confidante, biggest cheerleader, and true problem-solver on this decluttering journey.
  • How long does it take to organize my space?
    It varies. This is why the consultation is a crucial first step to getting started on your organizing journey. After seeing the space and learning about your project, you will receive an estimate for the amount of time the project will take. Keep in mind, this is an estimate as every project is unique. Below are some general guidelines for various spaces in your home: Kitchen Small 4-6 hours, Medium/Large 6-12 hours (pantry is separate) Pantry Small/Medium Reach-in 3-5 hours, Large Walk-in 6-12 hours Bathroom Medium/Large 4-8 hours Closet Small/Medium 3-6 hours, Large 6-18 hours (depends on amount of clothing and accessories) Laundry Room Small/Medium 3-6 hours Playroom/Kids Room 6-10 hours Home Office Small/Medium 4-12 hours, Large 8-30 hours (depends on amount of paper or filing) Filing/Papers 3-4 hours per bankers box Storage Closet/Room Small/Medium 3-10 hours, Large 10-24 hours Craft Area/Art Room 12-24 hours
  • Do I have to participate in the organizing process?
    You do not have to actively participate in the process if you do not want to. The initial purging/planning phase is most certainly the part of the project where your input is needed the most, while during implementation you can take a step back and wait for the final result if you wish.
  • Do I have to buy new organizational products?
    No, product purchases are never required. Product recommendations are included, as part of your all-inclusive service, but you are by no means required to buy a single item. It is not uncommon for clients to have ample product on hand that can be used on a project. That being said, the products we recommend are customized to fit your vision and your new organizational system and might be worth investing in to get the most out of your new space.
  • Are there additional costs beyond the fee for the organizer?
    Not neccessarily. You can make great changes and create new systems wihout spending anything additional. However, items like organizing products, installation fees, the cost of other service providers, etc. are additional expenses you might want to take into acount when planning your project.
  • What happens if I run out of hours before a project is done?
    Just like a project might take less time than expected, sometimes a project takes longer than expected and you run out of your original hours. Because our contract states that you are paying for a certain number of hours, not the guaranteed completion of a certain project you have a couple of options moving forward. You can either complete the remainder of the project on your own, or purchase additional hours/an additional package as needed to complete the project.
  • What happens if I have hours left over at the end of a project?
    Sometimes a project goes quicker than estimated, and you might have some hours left over at the end. If this is the case you have a couple of options. We can either tackle a small additional project (think junk drawer, linen closet, kid's bathroom etc. ), or you can hold on to the hours and use them for a maintenance/touch up session at a later date. Either way, you do not lose your hours.
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