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"The services Lisa provides are far more than simply coming in and moving things around." 

It’s so much more than the THINGS.  The experience was not just the purging and organizing.  It was helping me understand why things had gotten as bad as they were, and moving forward in life to make healthy changes to be a better version of myself for my family.  Organizing the clutter helped bring peace and harmony to our household, and the streamlining of having a place for everything, and everything in its place, made our days of getting ready for work and school transition so much smoother.  Coming home to an organized space also made family time more enjoyable, as there is more time to just play and relax without looking around at and feeling overwhelmed by rooms full of “stuff.”

         - K.S.

"We highly recommend Lisa's services!"

Paper clutter!! More specifically, four large file drawers holding years and years worth of paper. It was totally overwhelming to get anything done about it until we hired Lisa to help us go through it all. And we really tried on our own...we had it all clutter up a whole guest room for a month or two without any progress. 

The huge pile of papers is now reduced to one portable file box for important papers, and one file box for the daily/monthly stuff, and a binder to keep track of current medical papers. The rest shredded, recycled, and some saved  for tax purposes to be shredded down the road. We are very pleased with Lisa's work, she understood what we wanted to achieve and quickly and efficiently found a path to get us there. And she doesn't make you feel bad about your personal and private mess, she is just a delight to work with! A huge weight was lifted off our shoulders! 

- Mr. & Mrs. O

"Lisa is Amazing! "

Her no nonsense approach is extraordinarily helpful in deciding what to keep, what to get rid of and then how to organize what's most essential. What's more, she does it in a way that's fun- kind and gentle yet firm when necessary. The experience was absolutely liberating! I highly recommend her.

She has helped me with my playroom, my laundry room, my pantry, my kids' craft areas and my craft room. If you're struggling with any areas of your home, give her a shout. She will provide fresh insight and help you restore order to your chaos!

- K.W.

"Lisa has been a huge help!"

She's helped me organize after multiple moves, and when I was recovering from multiple injuries she was able to help me ascribe order to a very cluttered life. Thanks Lisa!

- D.B

"Lisa is the Organizing Queen"


With a New Year's resolution to be more organized, I needed help cleaning up my cluttered spaces! 


Lisa and I started with the craft room. Forget my usual MO of simply shifting items. No, she helped me go through every box and every item to pare down and organize items for a more functional craft space. No piece escaped scrutiny. When we were finished, it brought me so much joy to have a room I could actually work in—every item had a home, and it made keeping it clean after doing crafts so much easier.


Lisa is the best partner for organizing because she is patient, encouraging and non-judgmental. She doesn't pressure you to part with any items, though she'll ask, Are you sure you need all 8 of these? Before organizing, I didn't know I had 8, so it's a big help. You get to make all the decisions about what to keep or donate/toss, but once it's decided, she's off to quickly fold, organize, wrap or clean the item—a huge time-saver.


Organizing is tiring, and while I might have given up after an hour or two, Lisa's presence helped me persevere until the job was done! She also knows the right kind of storage solutions to recommend that are affordable and perfect for the job.


Since the craft room, Lisa has come back to help me tidy my overflowing pantry and toss expired items; clean out my clothes closet and simplify my under-sink bathroom vanity; organize two hall closets; and sort through my office/Christmas closet including 15 years of papers. Less clutter is so refreshing. I can't wait for our next job!

- B.C.

"Why would a naturally organized person like me go ahead and hire an organizer?"

Well, I felt totally stuck in a rut in my craft room and decided to hire Lisa hoping she would help get me back on track. Her clear vision and no nonsense approach amazed even an organized mind like mine!!


Lisa is very efficient, and I soon learned that the less I lingered over stuff, the quicker we got things done. We accomplished a lot in three hours! Even if this big project wasn't completely done, we got all the major hurdles taken care of. And even more important to me is what the session did to how I approach my craft room messes, as well as my projects, now. I don't dread the room any more, and I get a lot more done!  


Thank you so much, Lisa! You not only gave me the tools to think outside the box and to be more efficient in my decision making, you got me back on track!

- E.M.

"Amazing how much stuff one can accumulate in a three-car garage!" 


Despite all good intentions and ambitions, we just never got around to doing anything about it. And, of course, in Texas there is always the weather.  Either it is too chilly/wet or too hot.  So we put it off.  And put it off.

We finally decided to ask Lisa to help us with a do-it-yourself package.  And what a difference it made!  She was very pleasant to work with, asked all the right questions, provided some good and creative suggestions, and sent us a very clear plan to work with.


She also got the (healthy and long overdue) purging process started, and, lo and behold, armed with the plan she sent us, we attacked the garage in 95 degree Texas heat and did not stop until it was done!  

It is not that we couldn't have accomplished this on our own.  It is just that we didn't.  And we probably would have kept putting it off for a long time if Lisa had not helped us kick start the process.
Highly recommended! 


          - P.B.

"Lisa did an awesome job organizing my pantry. "

She was very helpful and understanding to my needs. She gave me the best organizational tips and tools to keep my pantry clutter-free. I highly recommend her.

- A.J.

"Lisa helped me clean out & organize years of built up stuff." 

This allowed me to reduce my belongings by half. I recommend her to everyone with cluttered closets & storage.

- M.T.

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