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Ready to Get Organized? Here are 6 Tasks to Tackle on National Organize Your Home Day.

Most people don't know that January 14th is "National Organize Your Home Day," but supposedly it is. For most of these random holidays, I tend to let them pass without much fanfare, but since this one is "on brand," I had to do something. So celebrate with me and tackle these 6 tasks for National Organize Your Home Day!

Clean white desk in a serene and organized office.

1. Tackle your desk

The end of the year tends to be hectic for most, so sometimes that leaves us in disarray come January. Now is the time to clear off your desk and make room for tasks you must accomplish in the new year. Scan and shred old documents, toss old receipts, change out your calendar, and go through your office supplies.

Clean and shiny fridge in a clean and organized white kitchen.

2. Clean out the fridge

Now is the perfect time to clear out any remnants of the holidays from your fridge. Those forgotten leftovers stuffed in the way back and the only-use-once-a-year ingredients must go! Toss what is spoiled, use what is nearing its prime, and give the whole fridge a good wipe-down to prepare it for restock day.

Organized cans of food in a pantry.

3. Rearrange your pantry

During the holidays, an abundance of treats and snacks tends to take over our pantries. Now is the time to shift things back to everyday cooking mode. This may mean putting baking supplies aside and making room for quick and healthy ingredients for busy weekdays or maybe restocking snack bins for kids back at school.

Bottle of medicine with tablets spilling out.

4. Purge your medicine cabinet

I suggest doing this task once a month, but there is no better time than now if you have not done it in a while. Go through all medicines and ointments and check expiration dates. Properly dispose of anything that is expired or no longer used. Also, check your first-aid supplies to ensure you are well-stocked.

Clothing in dry cleaning bags.

5. Assess your closet

The holiday festivities are over. Therefore, it is the perfect time to send formalwear off to the dry cleaners so it will be ready for the next occasion. While you are in your closet, take a moment and flip through your hanging clothes to see if there are pieces you did not wear all of last year, and go ahead and put them in donations.

Colorful giftwrap and ribbons.

6. Sort through your wrapping supplies

After the holidays is the perfect time to go through and clean up your gift-wrapping supplies. It can be tempting to keep every bag, box, and bow, but be realistic about what you have the space to store and what you will use. Anything in good condition can be donated, while scraps can be tossed.


"Small deeds done

are better than great deeds planned."

-Peter Marshall



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