When Your Child is a Pack Rat

Do you have a child who treasures ALL-THE-THINGS and who KEEPS-ALL-THE-THINGS and who spreads these things ALL-OVER-THE-PLACE? A child who could commonly be referred to as a pack rat?

child with rocks, treasures, trinkets, pack rat

Dealing with a really messy child can be a huge stressor and a struggle for a parent, especially if you yourself prefer a less-is-more lifestyle. I know this first hand, as I used to be a version of this kid and now I am raising one too.

Below I have come up with 5 concrete tips for handling disorganization in kids who are T.O.A.T.s, Treasurers Of All Things :) (Sounds much nicer than packrat doesn't it?)

T.O.A.T.s are not toddlers who dump all their toys out of their bins. Neither are they severe hoarding cases (as this is an actual psychological disorder, and it is usually not abo