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4 Freebies That Create Clutter

Updated: Jan 4

Most people have a tough time turning away freebies. The word free is particularly enticing, and it is hard to resist. But what happens to most of those free items we collect?

Below are four freebies that don't add value but contribute to your clutter.

colorful pens

1. Branded/Promotional items

Think about it: do you really need another random branded item that you will stuff in the back of a drawer?

Nowadays, branded water bottles, pens, tote bags, notebooks, and keychains can be found everywhere. Though it may technically be a good marketing strategy, putting a company's logo on various items for all to see, the things nonetheless tend to collect over time and add to people's clutter.

If you attend a conference or event, you can tentatively walk away with quite the selection. But remember, nothing says you have to accept these freebies, so next time, resist the urge and leave them behind!

One person handing a brochure to another person.

2. Brochures and flyers

All those colorful flyers and brochures you might pick up at events or when you visit a business add to the ever-growing paper clutter in your home. If you want the information listed on a flyer, snap a quick picture with your phone and leave the actual paper behind. If you need to remember a deadline or event date, put it directly into your calendar or send yourself an email with the info.

Various beauty products spread out on a counter.

3. Product Samples

We are often offered samples or trial sizes of products that are not relevant to us. Just because something is free does not mean you need to grab it. Skip the samples unless they are a product you already use and love, ensuring they will get used up. For example, if you don't use protein powder, that sample pack will get lost in the back of your pantry!

A stack of newspapers.

4. Magazines and Newspapers

If you see a recipe, product, or other enticing information in a magazine, do like with the flyers and snap a picture. Or, better yet, in this digital age, most articles and resources can be found electronically if needed. So skip the newsstand and unsubscribe from physical magazines so they don't pile up.


"Free stuff you don't need or use, is still stuff you don't need or use"




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