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Happy New Year!

At the very beginning of a new year is a time when many write down their list of resolutions and goals for the year to come. It is viewed as a fresh start, a new beginning and a time to hunker down and achieve all the things.

Rather than write a list of resolutions, wishes or goals for 2020, my husband and I have decided to pick a word for this upcoming year. We picked Intentional. We want to be intentional with our time. Intentional with our money. Intentional with our resources. Intentional with our actions. We want to live intentionally.

Let me explain.

We want to focus our days, our weeks, our months on what we value and cherish the most. We want to spend time with those we love and doing the things we enjoy. We want to spend our money and resources on experiences rather than material things.

This is not to be confused with having good intentions. It is easy to make grand plans and then beat ourselves up when they don't pan out. We are not making a list of things we intend to do, we are simply choosing to live our life "on purpose." We don't want to look back at all the things we meant to do, or planned on or didn't get to. We want to look back at all the things we did do, and the moments and memories of a year well-spent.

Will you join me in living an intentional life, rather than one merely filled with good intentions this year?



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