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Remember to do these two things on the last day of school

Kids in backpacks running outside of school.

The school year is quickly ending, and with that, here are two quick things you should make sure to get done on the last day of school.

Empty lunchboxes

There is nothing as grimy and stinky as a week, or worse yet, a month-old lunchbox, so you better tackle it immediately! This may seem obvious, but as the kids run into the house, toss their backpacks in the corner, and crash onto the couch to enjoy their newfound summer freedom, this task is often forgotten.

After tossing any leftovers and empty wrappers, assess the condition of the lunchbox itself and the lunch cooler. Will it last another school year, or is it in dire condition and needs to be replaced? If it can be salvaged, ensure it is thoroughly cleaned before being stored.

Clean out backpacks

Backpacks might not be as high risk for turning into an unsavory science project, but they call still get pretty grimy after a full school year. Take a few minutes to empty all the pockets and compartments and assess the contents. Any school work can either be kept as keepsakes or put into the recycling, and school supplies that have seen their better days can be tossed. Once empty, decide if the backpack will be used again or if it has served its purpose. If it is a keeper, make sure to give it a good shake-out and wipe it down before storing it since lingering crumbs, etc., will attract ants and other pests.

By spending a few minutes taking care of these two tasks right off the bat, you are saving yourself from a potentially huge and stinky headache down the road.



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