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4 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids on Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day, kids tend to come home from school with a big collection of heart-themed trinkets and a lot of sugary sweets. So what do you do if you want to gift your child something special for Valentine's Day but don't want to add to their candy stash or toy collection? Here are 4 non-toy gift ideas for kids on Valentine's Day that are sure to put a smile on their faces.

Decorating heart-shaped valentine's cookies.

1. A special treat

Heart-shaped pancakes, decorated cookies, rice-krispie treats with red and white M&M's, or chocolate-dipped strawberries are all fun and delicious treats you can make with your kids. Or, if the thought of going the homemade route stresses you out, pick up some of your kids' favorite treats to enjoy at home.

A girl bowling in a bowling alley during a fun family outing.

2. A family outing

Nothing beats some quality time!

Take the kids to a fun family activity like bowling, laser tag, putt-putt golf, or go-cart racing. Not only will you have a great time together, but you will also have all the playing and fun without adding to your kids' toy collection.

A boy enjoying a dinner out in a restaurant.

3. A meal out

Whether you head out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, pack a picnic lunch for the park, or enjoy an after-dinner ice cream treat, a meal out is a great way to celebrate any occasion.

It is especially fun if it is not your usual spot, as it feels novel and special.

A boy and a girl laying on blankets, watching a movie from the back of the car.

4. A movie night in the car

Create your own drive-in movie theatre! Back up the car, open the trunk, and enjoy a movie projected onto the garage doors (or a large white sheet). Then add some popcorn, movie treats, pillows, and a soft blanket, and you are all set for a cozy night.


"Time spent with loved ones is never wasted."




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