Clearing Clutter to Get Your House Ready for Sale

House with a sold sign in front

We just sold our house this summer, and I, therefore, found it fitting to discuss a couple of aspects of this experience with you. When getting ready to list your house there are certain steps you go through; you meet with a realtor, set a price, take pictures and sign a big stack of documents. But before you take your pictures and list it for sale you might want to invest some time and money into getting it into the best shape you can. There is hopefully no need to break the bank, but doing a little here and there goes a long way.

In our case, we decided to do some minor repairs, do some touch-up painting and replace outdated light fixtures, etc. However, I strongly believe (and my realtor agrees) that the so-called “hidden” work we did made just as much of a difference, if not more.